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Center Pieces

Center Pieces Provide a defining element at dining tables, serving areas, buffets, etc.

Center Pieces

Pipe & Drape

Pipe & Drape allows you to define and alter rooms and areas of rooms in your wedding hall.

Pipe & Drape

Hand Bouquets

Hand Bouquets are as unique and personal as you are. You decide - fun, romantic, subdued...

Hand Bouquet

Table Cloths & Chair Wraps

Add your dynamic taste to your wedding atmosphere.

Table Cloths & Wraps

Floral Designs

Flowers and Floral Design let you paint a pallet with your textural and color desires.

Floral Design


We design exquisite, visually captivating wedding designs, from center pieces to floral arrangements.
Our goal is to meet your every expectation, and have fun making your vision and dreams come true for your most important day.

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